About Us

Fitness and community service have always been cornerstones in my life--- and what better way to bring the two together than the Great American " Luv ur Neighbor Race" inspired to launch the end to homeless issues-a long overdue neglect that will soon be chalked up to the multitude of growing pains that Americans rolled up their sleeves and overcame. With the help of our lord and savior Jesus Christ-- In GOD we trust!

In 2003 after working in the commercial real estate and development business all my life, I embarked on a journey of discovery regarding the down-trodden and the support systems in place to resurrect our people from the pitfalls of our growth as a nations. After ten years of volunteering with Green House Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, Fuller Center for Housing, Hope Chapel San Pedro, Nashville Rescue mission, Room in the inn, Deer Retreat and Re-Construct, I felt the Lord's direction to start NorthSTAR Townships- Agricultural/Amish inspired villages, drug and alcohol free farming communities designed for Christian refuge and training--based on the precious concept the stone that the builders rejected became the cornerstone--the Lord did this and it is a wonderful sight.

This race and movement are dedicated to Jesus CHRIST and the two of our great american leaders who ran the race for the PRIZE and the PEOPLE.